Don't underestimate these 5+ clever dogs. They will not be fooled

Dogs are an incredibly bright and intuitive species, but some dogs excel above others in their smarts and abilities. While there are canines who are loyal, trustworthy, and friendly, there are also dogs who are too smart for their own good. Here's a collection of videos featuring dogs whose cleverness really exceeded our expectations!
Check out these videos featuring sharp and gifted dogs as they share their talents and the inner workings of their minds. When you're done, share the clips of these amazing pups with your family and friends!
1. I know it's there somewhere! This funny pup is aware of his shadow --- and believes it needs to be caught. Try not to laugh as this dog outsmarts himself trying to catch the elusive shadow.
2. Ding! Service, please. This little canine cutie has figured out the fastest way to get a delicious reward: ring the bell. With a dainty paw, this pup waits patiently after ringing the bell for a savory treat. Check out this talented dog in the video below.
3. It's underneath one of these cups. This German Shepherd is on his game as he masters the old cup switcheroo. Can you figure out which cup the treat is under? Because this dog has you beat if you can't! Watch and see if you're as smart as this pup.
4. This dog is a dancing machine. So what would make you go out on the dance floor and let it all loose? This adorable dog will show off all his dance moves for a spoonful of peanut butter. Be envious, and check out the groove on this pup!
5. A pat on the rump is worth a wink. This smart canine knows that a pat on the rear means it's time to wink that eye. Watch this video for a quick laugh and smile.
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