Everyone needs a BFF and here are 5+ kittens that have made their choice

Best friends are a bright spot in life. They are always there for you if you need them, whether it's for moral support or to share a good laugh. Many animals also bond with people and animals of different species, too. Cats may be notorious for keeping to themselves at times, but they are often the animals who most easily connect with others different from them.
The following videos feature cats who have crossed the species barrier to make best friends for life. Enjoy the adorable interactions that take place in these clips. Hopefully, they'll bring a smile to your face!
1. This sweet cat is best friends with a little boy. Noel and his cat Gumball are too cute! Watch how gentle Gumball is with his young buddy, and how the cat's friendship brightens this little boy's life.
2. This kitten is along for the ride. Little Scarlett loves spending time with and on her owner. Specifically, Scarlett enjoys sitting on his head when he wears a baseball cap, and when his head is bare, she hops onto his shoulder. Check out Scarlett in her favorite spot in the video below.
3. Baa, baa, kitty. This newborn lamb is making her first friends with a litter of kittens! There's nothing better than watching baby animals playing together. Watch this video and prepare for the cuteness overload.
4. Watch a friendship begin! Young Brooklyn's two older cats passed away, and for her sixth birthday, her parents gave her a kitten. In the video below, an instant bond is created between girl and cat. Watch as a friendship unfolds on screen.
5. The best way to binge watch is with a friend! This little girl enjoys watching her cartoons on her tablet, but it's much more fun when her cat joins her. After a few moments, the cat seems unimpressed with the show but in need of some petting! Watch these friends bonding in the clip below.

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