5+ cats that are less than impressed with life's surprises

Have you ever tried to impress your cat? If so, you might be all too familiar with the reactions --- or lack thereof --- that the owners of the cats in these videos experienced! Cats seem to react to surprises in only one of two ways: either they go overboard in their reaction, or they act as cool as...well, cats. Some owners try hard to get their cats to respond to their antics, and some cats get too caught up in their own!
Check out these clips and see if these cats compare to your own. Is your cat a drama king or queen, or is your cat as cold as ice? Watch these videos and laugh at these adorable felines!
1. Oh. My. God.
This cat's reaction to his owner's face is beyond classic. Who hasn't reacted this way the first time they see a loved one with, well, a different face? See how this precious cat responds to his owner's new look!
2. Would you like some butter on that toast?
Sweet Val was curious about a toaster oven on the kitchen counter. But the last thing she expected it to do was spit bread out at her! I'm not sure what is funnier: the cat's jump backward or her hiding underneath the table from embarrassment. You be the judge!
3. This cat is getting very, very sleepy.
A beautiful cat was filmed falling asleep with one eye open. But he really jumps to it when he is fully awakened! He doesn't look too happy about having his nap interrupted, and I can't say I blame him. Watch this feline's rude awakening below.
4. "Look, go find your Batgirl somewhere else. I'm busy."
Clearly, this cat is not a fan of the Caped Crusader. Despite his owner's best cosplay attempts, this feline remains unimpressed. But the cat's non-response is funny! Watch and share this one with your Marvel fans and friends.
5. "I meant to do that. No, really."
Some felines are too curious for their own good. This fluffy cat was scratching away and forgot that she was sitting on the end of a desk! Have your cats ever done something where they lost their balance? Watch this cat's face and try not to laugh too hard!

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