5+ cats that are so chill they are the definition of cool

While some cats are often full of energy and zooming around the house, other felines prefer to exert as little power as necessary while also looking cool. With dedicated practice, some cats have perfected the art of being chill while doing nothing at the same time.
The following clips are a tip of the hat to the chillest of the chill, the cats who put the "cool" in "cool cat." Watch these videos and ask yourself if your cat has what it takes to be as lazy as these felines!
1. Well, this cat is at least moving his paw, so it still counts.
The winner of the award for Least Inclined to Play a Game goes to this cat, paws down. He manages to keep the ball in the tray going all while expending the least amount of oomph. Watch this video and join us in congratulating this lazy feline! We envy your attitude.
2. You can dress him up, but you can't take him out.
This brown tabby is highly tolerant of the scarf and sunglasses his owner is making him wear. Somehow I'm sure that getting him out the door like that will be harder than it looks. Check out this clip and see what you think.
3. He's the old guy sitting on his front porch.
We all know this cool cat. He's the cat that just sits around, living the life that we would all like to live: doing nothing. Even the appearance of his feline friend does nothing to get this guy moving. Check out this perfect lazy slouch in the following clip.
4. This cat is still young at heart.
Ivy has an odd habit when she falls asleep. This cat sucks her thumb! Ivy may enjoy her naps, but her thumb-sucking act is beyond cute. Watch this video and purr your heart out.
5. Mok is the Godfather of Cool Cats
If we had to run a poll of the coolest yet laziest cat ever, Mok would be the winner. He has cornered the market on looking both like cool and relaxed at the same time. Mok is the don of his house and neighborhood. Check out this cat's laid-back attitude in this clip.

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