5+ cats who are working their outfits like it's their day job

Cats are sometimes contradictions unto themselves. There are times when they want love and affection, and there are times when they would rather swat at you or stalk away than allow you to pet them. Your cat may come running to you when you walk in the door after a long day at work or might pretend they've never seen you before and ignore you completely.
Generally, it's difficult to get a cat into anything they dislike or mistrust, such as a carrier or cat outfits. But the cats in the videos below are a rarity: the cat who not only tolerates being dressed up but truly enjoys flaunting their fashion. Watch the videos below and marvel at these cats who like clothes.
1. It's Puss-in-Hat!
Hey, even cats need to protect themselves from harmful UVA and UVB rays, and this cat does it with such style. Check out how this beautiful supermodel tabby not only rocks the hat but does it with true model style.
2. "Just keep the treats coming, lady."
This dapper cat is totally fine with being wrapped up in a scarf and having sunglasses balanced on his head. Also, he needs to give that "model look" at the camera when he's all dressed up. The cat is game as long as he keeps getting his treats! Watch how calm and cool this cat is in the video below.
3. Somebody get this cat a cup of coffee!
Here's a white-collar cat with a polka-dot bow tie hard at work checking out the latest stock values on cat treats. Of course, like all of us who are chained to our desks and laptops, there's plenty of yawning and website surfing going on here too! How much does this cat look like you at work?
4. This pretty kitty might be stuck in that outfit.
Moggsy the cat is tolerant of but undoubtably not thrilled by the overalls and big pink bow she is wearing. Maybe she's stuck in this suit, or perhaps she's just no-selling the outfit in this cute video.
5. Chilling cat with his Easter bunny
We all get excited around Easter time because we just can't wait for the Easter bunny to arrive. This dapper cat manages to keep his cool chilling beside his "Easter bunny".

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