Need an energy boost? Check out these 6+ kitties who have lots to spare

We often envy young animals for their energy and vitality. But sometimes those youngsters can also inspire us to relive our youth and put a spark in our step. Cats can be lazy sometimes, but often, especially when they are kittens, they seem to conquer their worlds with unlimited athleticism and power.
The following videos can encourage all of us to get up and jump around, or leap up those stairs, or whole-heartedly chase that laser light. Watch these clips of energetic cats and be inspired!
1. Someday this cat will get that light. (Keep telling yourself that, cat.)
The cat in this video has sensitive skin and can't go outside, so he gets his exercise indoors on a giant cat wheel. The bait is every cat's frustration: the red laser light. Check out this cat as he hits the wheel and tries to kick that, I meant, catch that light. Good luck, cat!
2. Mama doesn't play, kids.
What do you do when you're a busy mom, and you've got a house full of kids who are always playing and running and jumping on you? You put them in their place, which is precisely what mama cat Belle does in this video. You go, mama!
3. This cat gives her vocal cords a workout.
Aoao loves to sing and chatter when she sees birds outside the window. Perhaps she wants to sing as they do! Does your cat do this when she sees birds or other outdoor creatures? Watch Aoao's video and see.
4. It's a feline Wrestlemania!
These kittens have all the moves as they tear around their playroom under the watchful eye of their mother. Their leaps and jumps and bounces are something to see! Check out the dive off the "top rope" early on in this video.
5. Here's a kitten who enjoys playing Wack-a-Husky.
Mufasa the kitten has grown up with Gabriel the Husky, so perhaps that's why the little feline takes great liberties with his canine friend. This kitten likes to stir up some trouble by sneak-attacking Gabriel and smacking him on his face. It's a good thing Gabriel loves this kitten! Watch Mufasa's cheeky slaps in the following video.
6. It's Cat vs. Dog showdown of the year.
In one corner is Louie the Golden Retriever and in the other is Oliver the cat. These two pets are best friends, but that doesn't stop them from going all out when they play-wrestle. It doesn't matter where --- the couch, under the table, on the bed --- these two love to play wherever and whenever. Watch their adorable interactions below.

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