You might not know it, but these 6+ cats have it all figured out

Life can throw lots of curve balls our way, and often we wish we could have life figured out so it would be easier and less stressful. In other words, we want to be like cats. Felines of all ages seem to master the ability to handle their problems if not in the most efficient manner then at least in the most creative way.
These videos star cats who have found solutions --- of a sort --- to all their pressing issues. Check them out and don't be afraid to take a pointer or two.
1. "I'm not the basket you're looking for."
Here's a cat who wants to be left alone and not bothered by the world. He cleverly "hides" underneath a basket and uses his paws and claws to tell everyone else around him that he's not really there, so leave him be. Watch this video below and try not to laugh too hard.
2. If this cat fits, he sits.
Cats are notorious for their attraction to boxes of all shapes and sizes. This cat just needed a quiet space to sit and contemplate life, as we all do from time to time. He found his spot, and it's adorable. Check out the cuteness in this clip.
3. This cat tackles his problems head-on.
The bubbles in this kitchen sink are mystifying to this feline, so what does he do about it? He sticks a paw in to find out what these bubbles are all about! This cat's reaction is hilarious, so check out the video below.
4. The important thing is that you tried.
Although cats have incredible jumping and balancing abilities, even a cat has a fail once in awhile. This cat tried to leap up onto the kitchen counter, but things didn't work out as he had planned. Watch the attempt in the following clip. Better luck next time, buddy.
5. Play it again, Sam.
Watch this cool video about an experiment with cats, laser lights, and an electric piano. Yes, it is even cooler than what you imagine. Get ready to dance and laugh!
6. Cats struggle with new technology, too.
Timo the cat is baffled by his new robotic litter box. What's wrong with the old box, and why do things always have to change? Don't worry, Timo. We ask the same thing about every technology-related every day. Thankfully, curiosity won over this cat, and all is well. Watch Timo figure this new contraption out.
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