Check out these 5+ cats who are full of shenanigans

Cat owners know that where their cats go, silly shenanigans are bound to follow. After all, it's in feline nature to be curious and to go with the flow around them. There are times when cats amuse themselves with fun an games, but there are also times when they will allow their owners or fellow feline friends to play along too.
Want to watch some funny cats doing their thing? Well, here they are dancing and playing and making people laugh in the following videos.
1. Who's a scaredy cat?
Cats can be hilarious, but a times they can be jerks too. This cat waits an incredibly long time behind a door just for the chance to scare the kitty litter out of his feline buddy. We hope it was worth it! Check out the plan and how it was hatched in this clip.
2. This cat is a dancing king.
A former stray was taken in by two roommates who discovered his willingness to dance. That's how Dubstep Cat became a viral sensation. Watch his sweet dance moves in the video below.
3. What is going through this cat's mind?
Is he mimicking the cat clock on the wall, swaying his tail in time with it? Or is he asking himself why there is a cat on the wall at all? Perhaps he's planning on trying to take the cat clock out sometime soon. Check out this video and see if you know what this crafty feline is plotting.
4. There must have been a better place to play this game.
Here is a delightful cat who, as many cats do, is determined to catch his tail. But this kitten decided to play this game on top of a very tall piece of furniture without much surface space. Thankfully, he's got some books on the shelf nearby to hold him up! Watch this funny guy play in this clip.
5. No toys? No problem!
These two best friends are apparently out of toys or other locations to wrestle in, so they made do with what they had around the house. In this case, a giant plastic bag not only provided a good defense but also made lots of fun crackling noises, too. Look at these two cats go!

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