Check out these adorable kids and cats that'll make your day

Under the right circumstances, kids and cats are the perfect combinations to add a smile to your day. The innocence and genuine love between them are more than adorable; it's also incredibly moving. Even though some cats have a reputation for being standoffish or aloof, many felines connect with small children and tolerate them far more than they do adult humans! Some cats seem to know exactly what their kid needs, and vice versa.
The following videos are sweet and will bring a smile and possibly a tear to your eyes. There will undoubtedly be plenty of "Awwww!" moments, so click on the clips below and feel the love.
1. This cat gets by with a little help from a friend.
The brown tabby's friend is a baby, but that doesn't matter a bit. The cat had an upset stomach and became sick earlier in the day. Here, the baby wraps her arms around her four-legged friend and assures her that everything will be just fine. Watch this beautiful video below.
2. "Can I play, too?"
Is it possible for this video to be any cuter? A baby in her crib is playing with a toy and Busya the tiny kitten wants to join in. Watch as the kitten rolls on her back just like the baby to tackle the toys hanging above her!
3. Sometimes kids cry at the best surprises.
One young girl was surprised by her parents with a kitten as a birthday gift. She is so happy, she begins crying. Thankfully, she quiets down once she has her kitten in hand. It looks like this feline will be this girl's BFF for life. Watch the girl's reaction to her gift below.
4. Kids crying over kittens is definitely a thing.
Another little girl is given a kitten unexpectedly, and her reaction is so sweet! This nine-year-old is so overwhelmed about her new cute kitten that she cradles it gently in her arms, crawls into her bed with it, and asks her mom if she can keep it. Check out the video and watch this girl's cute response.
5. Get the tissues out for this video.
In this clip, two little kids are reunited with their cat, Gunther. He had gotten out of the house and had been missing for some time. The young boy's reaction to seeing his cat laying on top of the couch is emotional. Grab your tissues, hit play, and watch these children joyfully greet Gunther.
6. Kids see, kids do.
Once the cat in this video starts rolling around on the rug, the two little kids nearby follow suit. What ensues is a hilarious clip of the little boy and girl copying their cat's movements, and the cat seemingly enjoying every moment of it! Check it out and have a good laugh.

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