These 7+ dancing dogs sure know how to move to the rhythm

For many people, myself included, dancing is a struggle. The concept of rhythm and getting feet to go in one direction and other parts of the body to go elsewhere is next to impossible to master. Luckily, those of us who are poor dancers can now also be shamed by the canines in the video collection below. Not only are these dogs cute, but they've got incredible dance moves as well. They sure have me beat!
Marvel at the balance, the skill, the willingness of these dogs to dance their paws off in these clips. Enjoy these videos, and perhaps you'll be inspired to hit the dance floor too.
1. Eat your heart out, Drake.
This dog has all the moves to Drake's song "Hotline Bling." Watch those paws fly and look at how into the song this dog gets. What a great video!
2. This is one multi-talented pup.
Not only does this dog dance but he dances on the beat while carrying a plastic bottle. I can't even dance, much less doing so while carrying anything at all. My hat is off to you, pup! Check out these sweet moves below.
3. That must be the best dog treat in the world.
Why would this beautiful dog put a wreath on her head and dance around to medieval chamber music? Because it's Christmas and her owner must have a delicious treat nearby. Watch the dramatic twirl this dog executes in the video.
4. Here is a pup who loves to cha-cha.
The owner begins to sing a cha-cha, and her adorable little dog picks right up on the rhythm. That's a canine with all the right moves! Check out his dance routine in this clip.
5. Check out this German Shepherd with some odd ear moves.
Jaxon likes listening to hip-hop, and while she might not have the space to break out into dance, her ears have more than enough room to move to the beat. Of course, Jaxon might be getting some lessons from a friend. Watch the video below and see what you think.
6. The "Back in Black" puppy is out of milk!
An adorable Dalmatian puppy is trying to get some milk from its mother without much success. His owners put the video to the infamous AC/DC song, and the result is a hard rocking puppy who will probably be a pawful for his mom to raise! Check out this headbanging pup in the following clip.
7. Move those happy feet!
Lulu the mini Doxie loves to dance, but especially with her owner. Watch as her owner dances and catches Lulu on camera dancing along with her. What a cute sight! Check out Lulu's adorable routine below.
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