5+ dogs who are stuck in a less than ideal situation

Dogs are curious creatures, and that can sometimes land them in some awkward – and tight– places. Canines tend to follow their noses, and those snouts can get stuck in spots that are less than ideal and difficult to escape. Some dogs accidentally end up locked in closed rooms or trapped behind furniture, and then there are the dogs in the following videos who find themselves caught in some truly odd situations.
Here are some dogs who followed their noses into trouble and paid the price for it. Thankfully, there's video proof of these silly pranks! Get some popcorn and enjoy these clips.
1. There's no way out of this one, buddy.
A dog owner had to run out late at night and left her dog alone for 10 minutes. She came back to a bathroom that had been trashed, and the culprit was easy to identify, After all, he had the top of the trash bin around his head. Watch this guilty dog's response to his owner in the following video.
2. A little help here, mom?
This adorable little dog crawled into the sleeve of a hoodie and promptly got stuck. Despite his cramped circumstances, he seems to be in good spirits. Check out his predicament in the clip below.
3. This little pug is a basket case.
Take one dog looking for treats in the wrong place and a decorative basket, and you have a recipe for disaster. Watch how this pug deals with having his head stuck in a basket.
4. Your family needs to get a new couch, pup.
A new couch is necessary for this family. In an attempt to hide in or under the sofa, their husky got her head trapped in a small hole. Hopefully she was able to get out of there safely. Watch her problematic situation in the following video.
5. A cereal box foiled this dynamically destructive duo.
Ben and Lucy are two Labradors who took the opportunity to wreak havoc in their home when their owner stepped out for a few moments. Their "innocent until proven guilty" act might have worked if Lucy didn't have her head stuck in some evidence of the crime. Watch the cute video of these two dogs below.

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