6+ guilty pups that are so cute you just can't get mad at them

By their nature, dogs get into lots of things including places and items from which we'd like them to stay away. When your dog brings you a torn up box of tissues or a chewed shoe, your first reaction may be to yell or punish your dog for their action. But take one look into those puppy eyes and, like the owners in the videos below, you might have to forgive and forget your dog's mistake.
We don't blame you or these dogs' owners for letting the pups slide on their transgressions. How can you punish such cuteness? The owners in the following clips sure couldn't, and once you watch these videos, you will understand why.
1. Denver the guilty dog has no poker face.
While his owner was out, Denver the Labrador got into some cat treats and ate the whole bag. Once the camera pans onto him, it's clear he's the guilty party. He breaks right away, but he's so adorable that we'd all forgive him. Watch Denver's "confession" in the video below.
2. It must have been the other two dogs who live here. Yeah, that's it.
These two dogs are excited to see their owner, but once he asks which one was responsible for ripping up his sweatpants, the two dogs take off. Neither one will rat on the other, so your guess at the culprit's identity is as good as anyone's. See if you can figure out who's guilty in this clip.
3. He thought he could get away with it. Busted!
Here is a dog caught in the act of digging up the front yard. Once he realizes that his owner is watching, he tries his best to hide the evidence. Have a good laugh and watch this dog get busted.
4. Mavis uses the "boo-boo" eyes to try to get out of trouble.
This adorable Jack Russell Terrier named Mavis took advantage of an opportunity when his owner forgot to close the bathroom door. What results is a toilet paper explosion of epic proportions. The whole time he is being questioned, Mavis doesn't break. He just tries to look cute and hopes it all blows over. Watch this video and see if you think this pup's act is convincing.
5. "I'm Lyla, and I have a Dentastix addiction."
Lyla the Husky made a critical mistake when she ate a package of Dentastix: she left the evidence behind. Her owner confronts her and Lyla does her best to look submissive and cute enough to stay out of trouble. Check out how this pup handles her circumstances in the clip below.
6. Sometimes looking as guilty as possible will earn you pity.
The look on Fonzie the Shepherd mix's face is so pitiful that one can almost overlook the destructive force that hides behind those soulful eyes. Watch this video and check out the damage Fonzie has done, and how she willfully owns up to it.

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