These cats are taking the term copycat and turning it literal. See for yourself

Animal behaviorists and researchers have found that copycats are the real deal. Felines have the habit of adapting both their mannerisms and vocals to mimic the people, animals, or objects within their environment. Adult cats often learn to get what they want from their owners through observational behavior. As scientific as it sounds, most cat owners don't care because they're too focused on their cute copycats.
How do cats copy others? Let us count the ways, or in this case, watch the videos below. Then see if your cat copies you in the same manner.
1. Here's a cat who wants to be part of the decor.
This cat is so fascinated by the clock on the wall that his tail is swishing in time with the clock's tail. Watch the impressive mimicry in the following clip.
2. This cat has been leading a double life.
Somewhere along the line, this cute cat learned that barking at other people or animals outside gets a reaction. So he does an incredible imitation of a dog bark, but once caught, quickly switches back to meow mode. Check out this cat's fantastic ability in the video below.
3. Let's dance and play!
A cat owner has trained her cat to copy her dance moves, from hand waving to swaying, to bopping. Watch this team's cute performance in this clip.
4. Who's copying whom?
In this adorable video, it's hard to tell if the owner if copying the cat or the cat copying the owner. Either way, these copycats are having fun. Have a chuckle and watch their interaction in this clip.

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