Watch these clever dogs and their insane skills that will blow you away

Tell any dog owner that their dog is smart and they'll probably agree. But there's smart, and then there's genius. Some dogs have an incredible intellectual capacity and can do things that some people have a hard time doing. These intelligent dogs make for entertaining video material that's sure to brighten your day.
Can your dog sled on his own? Is your canine able to play dead on cue? Even if your dog isn't multi-talented, you can still watch these videos and be amazed by these canines and their capabilities.
1. Here's a dog who can do it all.
This dog not only loves sledding, but he also enjoys taking the sled up to the top of the hill and doing it all by himself. Check out the video of this talented pup as he glides down the hill.
2. Service, please!
Here's a bright dog who has learned that tasty treats appear whenever he rings a bell. There are no surprises then when he rings the bell frequently in the video below.
3. This dog should have his own television show.
Meet Zazu, a Jack Russell Terrier who has a bowlful of tricks that he has mastered. Under the guidance of his owner, Zazu executes each command flawlessly. Watch all of the amazing tricks this dog can do in the following video.
4. Riki's career as a doggie doorman is a lock.
When Border Collie Riki sees his feline friend waiting at the door in the cold, he springs into action. Watch as this dog opens the door, steps aside for the cat to enter, then closes the door when he steps into the house.
5. There's no tricking this pup.
This German Shepherd is too smart for the old three cup shuffle trick. He uses his eyes and his nose to figure out under which cup the treat is hiding. Check out how he does it in the video below.
6. Here's a dog who is a real lifesaver!
Lava the Border Collie has been trained to save his owners' lives through CPR techniques. He definitely gets into the chest compressions and breathing exercises. Check out how seriously he takes his training in the following clip.

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