6+ dogs that are so polite they must have aced obedience school

Many dog owners struggle to teach their canines proper manners every day. Some owners are more successful than others as evidenced by the well-behaved dogs in these videos. These pups are perfect, and just like those kids in school who always earned top grades, these dogs probably earned honors in their training classes.
Would you like your dog to be better behaved? Start by watching these videos and maybe someday, your pup can achieve the standard of politeness that these dogs have accomplished.
1. This dog knows interrupting is rude, so he uses courtesy to make his point instead.
The game is on television, and the dog owner is absorbed in watching it while also working on a laptop. In the foreground is an adorable Shar Pei who very quietly points out that he is there and in need of attention. Watch this cutie try to get his owner to focus on him.
2. You can take this dog to dinner parties.
This pup is so well trained that he waits patiently --- well, almost patiently --- at the table for his meal to arrive. Then with his napkin in place, he gently takes the food offered to him off the fork. Can your dog wait for his meal this politely? Check out this very mannered dog and compare.
3. Don't want to move from the couch? Have your dog fetch your drink.
This owner has the right idea. He has trained his yellow Labrador to go outside into the cooler and bring back a canned beverage for him. Not only is this a great plan, but the dog seems quite proud of his accomplishment. Check out this pup's skill set in the clip below.
4. This dog cleans up good, too!
Not only is George the Staffordshire Bull Terrier adorable, but he cleans up after himself as well. Give this dog two minutes, and the living room floor will look brand new. Watch George go to work in the following video.
5. Here's a dog who loves every canine she sees, even the fake ones.
Katie is an outgoing, friendly dog who loves to play with other pups in the neighborhood. She play bows and barks to invite them. The only problem? Well, the dogs she's trying to engage in play are on the television screen. You get points for politeness anyway, Katie. Check out her enthusiastic response in this video.
6. This pup earns his keep.
With his owner playing street music in the background, this faithful hound carries his hat in his mouth begging for donations. Who could turn away from that face? Watch this dog go to work in this clip.

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