Check out these 6+ cats just doing what cats do

We all envy cats; they seem to have the right attitude about life. Cats know when to play and when to rest. They value relaxation when necessary and can be on the prowl after prey within a few seconds time. Best of all, cats don't let life get them down. When the going gets tough, the tough take on the world and then they take a nap.
Check out these videos which feature cats doing what they do best: being cats. They wrestle, swat, hide, pounce, and play tricks. Enjoy watching these videos of cats reveling in their natures.
1. Cats always think they are hidden even when they're not.
In this video, a gray cat hides under a basket. Even though his orange tabby friend and his owner try to engage him in play, he's having none of it. As far as he's concerned, no one can see him in his hiding spot. Watch as this cat no sells his location in the video below.
2. Plastic bags are good for resting and for play fighting.
Cat love the crinkly sound and the cool feel of plastic bags. Large bags also make excellent forts for defense during a vigorous round of wrestling. In this clip, one cat uses the bag as leverage from which to play fight against his feline friend. Check out their fighting moves in the following video.
3. Some cats are super coordinated.
These two cats are play fighting in slow motion, and their coordinated patty cake is beyond adorable. Watch as they play, then kiss, then play some more.
4. Cats can play innocent even when they're guilty.
Felines are experts at sneaking up on others, but in this case, things don't quite work out the way this orange tabby planned. He gets caught but totally acts like he wasn't about to pounce on his buddy. See how he quickly recovers from his failure in the following clip.
5. Cats are pros at hiding and attacking from behind doors.
This unfortunate cat has no idea that his fellow feline is hiding behind the door preparing to strike. Note the patience required by the stalking cat as he waits for his friend to walk through the door. Watch and have a good laugh!
6. Cats are never afraid to show their love.
Here are two best friends who groom each other in a show of love and affection. Watch this cute video and prepare yourself for cuteness overload.

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