These sneaky dogs are up to no good. See for yourself

If given a chance to do something they shouldn't, some dogs will take the opportunity every single time. While there are dogs who can get away with their misbehavior, the dogs in these videos weren't quite so lucky. Their canine crimes are on video for the whole world to see.
Check out these dogs who got busted on camera trying to do what they shouldn't. Watch these videos, have a laugh at their antics, and then share these clips with your family and friends.
1. It's all about teamwork.
These two dogs have a plan, and they execute it with perfection. It's about teamwork and the ultimate goal: getting the treats off the counter. Here's hoping that the dog doing all the heavy lifting gets his share of treats, too. Watch this model example of teamwork in this clip.
2. Be very quiet...this dog is sneaky.
Redd the Pitbull is trying to sneak into the kitchen without anyone else in the house knowing. He does his best literally tiptoeing while occasionally pausing to see if anyone is onto his plan. This video is adorable, and you have to watch it.
3. Here is a dog with no shame.
This pup steals a roll of toilet paper right in front of his owner and then tries to make a stealthy break for it from the bathroom. This a dog with some nerve! Watch as he makes his escape in the video below.
4. Hey, if it's right there on the table...
The owners of these two cats and dog left some tantalizing treats and a video camera on their kitchen table. Not surprisingly, these three pets couldn't resist the temptation. Check out how they treat themselves in the following clip.
5. This pup is perfecting his pouncing technique, and he's definitely got potential!
Here's an adorable Golden Retriever who practices his hunting skills on his favorite stuffed toy. Watch as he tiptoes, afraid that the toy might see him and run before he goes in for the "kill."
6. "Please, can I have a piece of the sub?"
In this hilarious video, a Chihuahua's owner eats his sub sandwich waiting for his dog to show up begging for his share. Watch this funny clip and ask yourself if you could resist that face.

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