Watch these 8+ cats hang out with their best dog pals

Cats and dogs have often been cast in the roles of opposites, even enemies in some cases. In particular, cats have --- fairly or unfairly --- earned the reputation of being standoffish and unlikely to warm up to dogs much less become friends with them. But the truth is that these two species get along more often than not, and cats can undoubtedly form friendships with the canine species.
The nine videos below are not only proof that cats and dogs can get along, but that some cats choose dogs as their best friends. So get your dog and cat, get settled on the couch, and enjoy these clips.
1. Chill, puppy, chill.
Chiquinho the cat is just chilling and relaxing while his canine friend has a mini-meltdown. This is one dog who could learn from this cat's attitude toward life. Watch how chill this cat is in the video below.
2. This cat realizes this golden retriever makes a great friend and pillow.
This video will make your heart melt! Watch as Dewi the cat curls up with his best friend, Jordan the dog. This cat makes his love for his canine buddy abundantly clear in this clip. Watch as these two friends snuggle together.
3. Patience is a virtue, especially with this cat.
Sometimes even our best friends don't get the message that we need some alone time. This beautiful tabby cat is exceptionally patient with the dog at his side who won't stop pulling on his ear. Guess he must like this pup! Check out the cuteness in the video below.
4. Sometimes friendship involves some chewing and slobbering.
This video proves that Goldendoodle can't get enough of his tabby friend. He loves his cat so much that he drools and slobbers and chews on him. Check out this overly friendly dog in the following clip.
5. Bedtime is not playtime unless you're Louis and Oliver.
Louis the cat seems ready to turn in for the night, but his buddy Oliver has other ideas. Watch as Oliver eggs on Louis until any thoughts of sleep are in the past.
6. It's the beginning of a beautiful friendship.
Rocco wanted a best friend, but little kitten Chester wasn't so sure about this big dog. So this canine cleverly uses his tail to entice the kitten to come and play with him. From then on, these two are BFFs for life. Watch the beginning of this adorable friendship in the video below.
7. Friendship rescues this cat and dog.
In this fantastic video, a cat and dog, both of whom were saved within days of each other, wrestle and play together. They have never been separated since they met, and their love and trust for each other shows in the way they play. See how they care for each other in the following clip.
8. Playing games is more fun with a friend.
The owner of this dog and cat figured out a way to keep both pets entertained. The dog's chew toy has a long string attached to it, so when the dog catches the toy and walks around with it, the cat chases after to grab at the line. Check out the fun that these two have in the video below.
9. For this dog, life is better when she snuggles with her cat.
Nothing is sweeter than the way this Golden Retriever holds and grooms her best feeling friend in this video. Watch the genuine friendship and trust that exists between these two best buddies.

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