5+ grumpy cats that are having a worse day than you

We've all had one of those days, a day where nothing seems to go right, and one trouble is followed quickly by another. Human beings are proficient at expressing negative emotions such as pain, hurt, anger, and sadness, but cats are more than capable of displaying these feelings as well. The following videos are proof that cats can get as cranky --- or even more irritable --- than people.
The next time you're having a lousy time and are in a bad mood, think about the cats in these videos who have had a much worse day than you. Check out the videos below and cheer up! They will make you chuckle.
1. This cat is not so jazzed about Legos.
Has your cat ever become angry because you aren't paying attention to her? That appears to be the case in this video where Jazzy the cat gives the stink eye to the Lego project her owner is working on. As she sits in her owner's lap, Jazzy glares at the Lego pieces as if she wishes she could take them out. Watch the video below to see just how much this cat dislikes being second fiddle.
2. "I am the King of the Closet! Obey me or perish."
Here is a cat who found a comfy spot upon which to build his kitty kingdom, the top shelf in a closet. It's little wonder that he doesn't want to leave this secure place, and he makes his displeasure known to his owner when the owner tried to remove the cat from his spot. Watch this video to see how the standoff is resolved.
3. This cat knows how to bring a game to a halt.
This kitten isn't too thrilled with the kids' new racetrack toy, and especially with the race cars whizzing around it. So the cat figures out a way to end the game, fast. Check out the clip below to see how he finishes the fun.
4. Sometimes you want to be left alone.
This hairless Sphinx cat is having a bad day and wants some alone time. Unfortunately, the person teasing her by touching her paw doesn't seem to get the message. Watch as this cat makes it clear that he's not in the mood for play.
5. Cat 0, Cone of Shame, 1
No cat is ever happy to be saddled with an e-collar, better known as the Cone of Shame. The cat in this video is so unhappy that he tries almost everything to get the cone off of his head. Watch his efforts and feel his pain.

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