6+ cats who are living the good life

Cats seem to have their priorities straight in life: eat, play, relax, nap, repeat. Sometimes it seems that people would be much better off and happier if they took a few pointers from the cat's playbook of life. As the videos below show, felines know how to live in the moment and enjoy life.
Watch the videos below to pick up on some excellent advice from these cats on the best way to live life to the fullest. After all, it's a cat's world, and we're just living in it.
1. The good life involves having a personal masseuse.
This video features a kitten who has it good. Kinako the cat loves nothing more than to have her paws massaged, and her owner is more than happy to oblige. Look at the smile on this cat's face! Check out the clip below and try to channel some of that relaxation into your own life.
2. The good life means getting your back scratched when it itches.
Here is a cat who loves to get his back scratched, and isn't embarrassed to say so! Every time his owner itches his back, this cat meows and smacks his lips together. Watch this cute reaction in the video below.
3. The good life involves parties and best friends.
It's time for a birthday party, and these four cats are ready to live it up. They wait patiently around a "cat cake" until the owner finishes singing "Happy Birthday." Then, it's time to dig in! Watch these cute felines prepare to party in this clip.
4. The good life means some serious scratching and purring.
Beautiful Adele is so happy to see her owner after he was away for a week that she shows her happiness in a typical cat fashion. Adele knees and scratches her owner's pant leg while purring up a storm. Check out Adele's happy response in the following clip.
5. The good life means playing with toys and dancing to techno-pop
In this video, lovely Uptown Winnie dances to a techno-pop tune by following toy dangling over her head. This video shows that Winnie has a serious dancing game. Check out her moves below.
6. The good life means getting attention.
The cat in this clip is in heaven as he gets his back scratched. All he has to do is lie back and enjoy. Sounds like a great plan! Check out his reaction in the following video.

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