Check out these 6+ playful pups who are just too cute to handle

By nature, most dogs are playful, but not as much as when they are puppies. During this time of critical growth, pups learn how to play from their mothers and littermates. They also learn when they've gone too far, and so boundaries are then established. But even then puppies exhibit a natural desire to play frequently.
These clips show just how cute puppies can be when they are themselves. So get ready for some cuteness, and roll the videos!
1. This puppy won't give up the play fight.
Here is an adorable King Charles Spaniel puppy who gets into play fighting with her owner. Once the timeout occurs, she waits patiently, but then she throws herself into the next round with abandon. Watch this puppy play in the video below.
2. Is it friend or foe? This little guy is trying to figure it out.
Here's an adorable puppy who has been given his first ice cube. He's trying to figure out what to do with it, and his indecision is beyond cute. Check out his dilemma in the following clip.
3. Come out and play with us!
Two sweet Shar Pei puppies are playing on a couch, and then one breaks away to try to get their third sibling into the mix. But this puppy, complete with lion ears on his head, only wants to sleep. Watch how his sister tries her best to get him to wake up and play.
4. Practice will make perfect...eventually.
In this clip, a Poodle puppy tries to climb up the steps of a ladder. But at this point, this pup can barely hop off the ground. Keep trying, little guy! Someday you'll get the hang of it. Watch this puppy's efforts in the video below.
5. The air is fair game to this puppy.
This slo-mo video shows how one puppy truest tackle the air coming out of his owner's leaf blower. Who will win: puppy or machine? Check out this clip and find out.
6. Believe it or not, puppies can be patient.
Here is a beautiful puppy who patiently allows a small monkey to climb up and over him, as well as grab his ears and nibble on his leg. This puppy appears to be wise beyond his years! Watch the interaction between these species in the video below.

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