Need a pick me up? These 7+ adorable kitten videos oughta do it

It often seems like the world is full of an unending stream of bad news and sad stories. Sometimes, too much of that heaviness can bring you down. That's where we come in with the perfect antidote to brighten your day: cute kitten videos. These clips feature the most adorable young cats who are guaranteed to bring a smile to your face.
Do you need a pick me up? Are you having a rough day at work? Then take a few minutes to watch these videos and turn that frown upside down.
1. These kittens have a newborn, fluffy best friend.
What could be cuter than a litter of tabby kittens playing on a couch? Why, a litter of tabby kittens and an adorable newborn lamb, of course! These kittens have adopted this lamb and made her a member of their litter. Check out this clip and enjoy watching their newfound friendship.
2. It's Kittenbowl 2018, and these little ones are total winners.
Take a bunch of kittens, place them on and around a doll bed, then sit back and enjoy the show. These babies are having a blast playing with each other, as well as wrestling on and around the toy bed. Watch this video for a definite pick me up!
3. One of these things is not like the other.
Kitty the duckling hatched last out of all the other babies in her family. When her family left, they left without her. Luckily for Kitty, she was adopted by a cat mom and her little kittens. Now, this duck lives happily with her new, furry family. See how much these kittens love their "Kitty" in the video below.
4. These sweet kittens are learning how to play.
A group of rescued kittens is learning how to play with a wand toy in this clip. All five babies watch the toy and follow its movement in unison. Check out the cuteness in the clip below.
5. They all fit, so they all sit.
What could be cuter than a box full of adorable kittens? Pretty much nothing, as the video below proves. Watch as these kittens enjoy playing around in and out of the box with their siblings.
6. Keep fighting the good fight, kitten.
This little guy can barely keep his eyes open or stay upright. Amazingly, he somehow resists the pull of sleep through this whole video. Watch as he does his best to stay awake.
7. This pup is the best foster mother ever.
Take one Golden Retriever as a foster mom to a litter of kittens, and you have the cutest video of the day. This sweet dog loves the kittens that she takes care of every day, and you can see her devotion in the look on her face. Check out the love in the following video.

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