5+ cats who are all about singing. Or are they?

Cats have an uncanny knack for pitching their voices to make sounds that are appealing to people. Research has shown that's why your cat may "speak" to you and end his meow on a higher pitched note. It makes him look and sound cute, and then he gets exactly what he wants from you: your undivided attention.
With some cats, like the ones in the following videos, meowing isn't enough. These cats resort to singing and taking part in songs in order to achieve their ends. Check out these musical cats in the clips below.
1. This cute cat has got the beat.
In this adorable video, the cat's owner sings "If You're Happy and You Know It" with the cat chiming in on the hand clapping parts with the cutest "meow" in the world. You have to watch this sweet duet in the clip below.
2. You're not playing it the right way.
This video features a singer and pianist practicing a song only to be interrupted quite rudely by her cat. Perhaps he doesn't care for the tune or thinks he can do better. Check out his piano crashing scene below.
3. This goofy cat didn't want to let it go.
As the cat's owner practices a routine using the song "Let it Go" from "Frozen," her cat decides she wants a role in the show too. In typical cat style, once this feline has her role, she's more than eager to play her part. Check out this silly cat's actions in the following video.
4. This singer hit just the right caterwauling note...sort of.
Maui, the brown tabby cat, is just relaxing on the carpet while her owner records herself singing a series of songs, slightly off-key. At certain points, the singer hits a note that doesn't jell with Maui. Watch the cat's reaction to the young woman's sharp and flat pitches in the clip below.
5. Please stop singing.
Here's a cat whose taste in music is apparently so highbrow that he couldn't tolerate a few moments of this girl's singing. Check out how he ends the song in this clip.

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