5+ dogs that won't let anything disturb their beauty sleep

My dog can sleep through just about anything. When I take her for a two- mile walk and then spin over to the local dog park for half an hour, she's exhausted enough to sleep the rest of the day away. Dogs who are comfortable in their environments --- or just plain dog tired --- often do sleep through noises and distractions that would usually elicit a reaction from them.
Check out the videos below that showcase some dogs' incredible ability to remain in a state of slumber no matter who or what is trying to wake them up. How does your dog react to being awakened? Watch these videos and compare.
1. This dog thinks he's dreaming.
Here is an adorable dog just catching a nap despite the devious attempts by his cat friend to ruin it. Even getting two forceful bops on the head can't keep this guy from drifting right back to sleep. Check out this funny interaction in the video below.
2. Let sleeping dogs lie...or not.
This sweet little kitten just wants to play with her older canine brother, but he's fast asleep and not interested in waking up. So the kitten plays games her way anyway, and amazingly, the pup snores away. Watch this cute interaction in the following video.
3. This puppy wants to play right here, right now.
All big dog brother Riley wanted was a nap on the couch. His little brother Aston had an entirely different plan in mind. So they compromised with Riley trying to sleep and Aston trying to play. Watch the sweet results in the following clip.
4. You aren't going to miss it, pup.
While this Collie is fast asleep on the front porch, a local bird is taking the opportunity to borrow some of the dog's loose fur in its beak. At the rate this bird is going, she will have a pretty full nest in no time at all. Check out nature at work in the video below.
5. Set, hit snooze, repeat.
This clever dog has learned how to shut off the snooze button on the bedroom alarm clock. Ten more minutes of sleep! Watch this dog's talent be put to good use.

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