Check out these adorable huskies in action in these 7+ videos

Siberian Huskies are a delightful breed of dog. Their engaging personalities and love of play make them lots of fun to be around. Whether they are "singing," begging, or cuddling, Huskies are lovely companions to be around.
Need a Husky fix? We've got just the treat for you. Here are videos featuring all the best aspects of this breed and others similar to it. So sit back and enjoy!
1. There's nothing better than puppy love at the end of a long workday.
Liza the Malamute waits patiently near the bus stop for her owner to return home after a day of work. Who wouldn't want to be greeted with such affection and love? Watch how much Liza loves her dog mom in the video below.
2. It was almost too egg-cellent to give up.
Cash the Husky tried the #EggChallenge and did an admirable job. He was tempted to take the egg and walk off with it, and then he decided to play bow while holding it in his mouth. See what happens when his owner asks him to give the egg back in the following clip.
3. This Husky speaks in tongues, including "Squeaky Toy."
Here is a Husky who tries his hardest to mimic the sound of his favorite squeaky toy. How do you think he did? Check out the video below and see.
4. It's a family howl-a-long!
This Husky happily joins in with his dog mom and dad when they begin howling. Hey, if you can't beat them, join them. Watch the video below and howl along with them too.
5. All this Husky needs is some sun and a brand new toy.
It doesn't take much to keep Shira the Husky puppy happy. Hand her a brand new toy --- in this case, a squeaky hamburger toy --- and she'll be busy all day playing with it. Watch the adorable Shira and her new favorite toy in the following clip.
6. Don't worry, pup. We don't know what to make of it, either.
This Husky is very confused about the giant inflatable unicorn in the backyard swimming pool. Is it a friend or foe? Does it come in peace, or is it going to destroy the world? See the Husky's reaction to the unicorn in the video below.
7. Sometimes you have to let the little guys win.
In this video, a very patient and accommodating Husky lets a little Corgi jump him and roll him over. It's almost too good to be true. Watch the Corgi win one for the little guys in the following clip.

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