5+ cat slaps that will make you LOL

Instinctually, cats use their paws and claws as a defense mechanism. Sometimes though, felines use their claws to slap their opponents rather liberally --- and they appear to enjoy it. Most cats are just sending a message loud and clear: get the meow away from me!
These videos feature cats who are using their paws to slap their friends and owners into shape. Has your cat ever done this to you or to another pet? Why did your cat react that way? Check out how these cats handle their business in the following clips.
1. So they're definitely not friends.
This adorable Bulldog puppy wants to make friends with the cat he now lives with, but the kitty does not feel the same way at all. The puppy quickly gets the message and wisely avoids the cat afterward. Watch as the dog tries to make friends only to get a massive slap down.
2. Play or nay?
It appears that this cat is engaging in a game with this young girl at first. Then the girl points her finger at the cat's face, and the cat slaps back. Watch the video below and see what you think the cat is doing. Play or nay?
3. This kitten has a funny way of saying, "I love you."
A cat owner is lying on the ground next to her kitten, and she sneaks a quick kiss on the kitten's chest. The little guy responds by slapping the young woman's face then following it up with a quick peck. Watch this cute interaction below.
4. "You're in the way of my tail."
This cat owner was sitting in his favorite chair, minding his own business when his cat jumped up to look out the window. The cat immediately puts his tail in the owner's face and continually slaps him with it. Check out this humorous clip.
5. This mess will make a great family Christmas card photo.
Stanley the cat is not a fan of Christmas, or more precisely, being held for Christmas portraits. He tries to tell his owner his feelings politely at first, but she insists on trying to get the perfect picture. So Stanley took the matter into his own, claws. Watch the not-so-Christmasy conflict in the following video.
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