5+ cats that are so smart it's actually scary

If you are a cat owner, you know that cats are smart. When they are lazily napping, relaxing on the windowsill, or eating their food, they may appear to be on cruise control. However, their minds are working away, checking out and taking in everything around them. If your cats are anything like mine, then they are plotting to take over the world while they lounge in a beam of sunlight on the floor.
Cats are intelligent, and sometimes even too clever for their own good. Check out the cats in the videos below whose intelligence exceeds normal bounds. Are your cats this smart? Watch and compare.
1. Hungry Cat 1, Feeder 0
Edgar the cat's owners installed an automatic feeder designed to keep their wayward cat on his diet, but Edgar had other ideas. When his owners weren't around, he figured out how to game the system. Watch his brilliant plan to get the food he wants in the following clip.
2. This cat earns his keep.
Here is a cat smart enough to know when he's got a good thing going. He pitches in when his owner hands him a towel and thoroughly cleans the floor. Okay, he might have missed a spot in the corner, but who can complain? Watch this cleaning wonder in the video below.
3. Tap water doesn't cut it for this guy.
Even though Masuka has plenty of water available in his bowl, this cat feels he deserves only the best H2o in the house. Check out how he has learned to drink from the purified water cooler.
4. The problem-solving skills are strong in this cat.
Watch this amazing video of a cat who wanted a piece of fish in a freezer and hatched a plan to get it. This cat, his planning, and his balance are exceptional. Check out how he gets what he wants in the end.
5. You can't keep this cat locked in.
Here is a cat who wants out of the room she is locked in, so she figures out a way to open the door. Watch as she jumps up twice to pull down the door handle so that the door pops open just enough for her little paw to get it the rest of the way. Well done, kitty!