8+ adorable pug videos that'll make your heart melt

Pugs are a breed that tends to elicit lots of "awwww" responses from everyone who meets one of these cute dogs. Maybe it's their winning personalities, their faces, or their small size, but Pugs have a large fan club that often sings their praises. Spend some time around one of these cute pups, and you'll soon see why so many people adore them.
But if you don't know anyone who has a Pug, then watching the videos featuring this breed is the next best thing. Get a sense of what this breed is truly like by checking out the following clips.
1. What could be cuter than Pug puppies trying to bark? Pretty much nothing.
These Pug puppies are trying out their barks for the first time. Right now, those barks are more like, well, squeaks. But give these little ones some time, and they'll develop a full bark as they grow up. Watch them try to bark in the video below.
2. In the Pug's defense, the carrier wasn't being used.
Baboo, a blind Pug, has a favorite sleeping spot: the baby's car seat. Better yet, he also likes to lie on the baby's blanket. This dog is no dummy; he knows a good sleeping spot when he finds one. Check out Baboo's napping spot in the following clip.
3. This Pug really loves his clementines.
Grenouille the Pug enjoys a sweet snack: clementines. Sometimes his love for this fruit can get him into some close quarters. In the video below, Grenouille happily puts his head through the bars to get a piece of clementine. But he almost gets his head caught on the way back out. Be careful, there, buddy! Watch Grenouille's close call in the video below.
4. What's better than pugs? Pugs close-up and in slow-motion.
This video will make your day. Filmed in slow-motion with a wide-angle lens, this clip allows you to get up close and personal with some incredibly delightful Pugs. Immerse your self in fun and watch the following video.
5. This Pug is fighting the good fight.
In this adorable video, a pug is slowly falling asleep. Although he seems to try to fight it at first, he's on the losing side of this battle. Watch the cuteness unfold in this clip.
6. Here's a Pug with a cute trick.
This Pug's owner has taught his dog to put his head in between the owner's hands on command. The result is an obedient Pug whose delightful face is highlighted every time the trick is performed. Check out this Pug's talent in the video below.
7. This Pug's mantra is: "Praise me, feed me, praise me, feed me."
In this clip, a gentle Pug goes and eats food from his bowl, but only after his owner has praised him. What ensues is a cute back-and-forth with a happy Pug, although it's hard to tell what he enjoys more, the praise or the food. Look at his devotion to his owner and his food bowl in this clip.
8. Pug puppies love to bond with their owners.
This Pug puppy is spending some quality time with his owner. She holds him in her lap and gently pets him so he can get used to her touch. Watch this sweet interaction in the following video.

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