These 6+ dogs are being so silly and you're gonna love it

Dogs are often adorably silly, clumsy, and goofy. Those are some of the qualities dog owners love the most about their pups. Canines live in the moment, and they rarely let concerns like shame and embarrassment stop them from being themselves. That's the reason why we love it when they put their all into living.
These videos have dogs who are acting silly in various ways. Get ready for some smiles and laughs, and hit the play button to watch these funny clips.
1. This puppy is blowing in the wind.
Check out this adorable puppy who is trying to catch the air coming out of a leaf blower. The slow-motion effects in the video help to emphasize how much fun this little guy is having. Watch this puppy take on the leaf blower in the clip below.
2. Here's a dog who really loves the snow.
Mumford, complete with his cute blue booties, likes to charge through the snow. It's clear how much he enjoys the cold weather. Check out this video that shows him in all his glory as he runs through a winter wonderland.
3. This dog has the best way to stare down a toy duck.
The control this pup has over his prey drive in this video is highly impressive. He doesn't move an inch as his owner teases him with a toy duck; only his eyes give away his intent. Watch as this dog eventually unleashes his inner hunter.
4. Here's a song that is destined for the top of the charts.
In this funny video, a dog is singing at the top of his lungs and having a grand time while doing so. To give the dog some credit, he does seem to hold a tune quite well. Check out this dog's song in the video below.
5. Keep trying, little doggie.
Is the dog trying to climb up the ladder? Or is she just getting some exercise? Whichever it might be, the dog is having fun jumping up and down, pushing off of the step. Watch the cuteness unfold in the following video.

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