6+ cats who just love to play games

Cats are masters at playing games. Just take a moment to watch how their minds work the next time they are chasing a fly in the house or stalking and pouncing on unsuspecting prey. Sometimes even cat owners may be the "prey" being attacked from behind the couch in the living room.
The cats in these clips are expert players, and the variety of games they engage in are hilarious and amazing. Watch these cats play their games in the following videos.
1. This cat has the patience to play chess.
With a little help from his owner, Kisa the cat is playing a challenging game of chess. He tries his best but doesn't take too well to the game's outcome. Watch Kisa play chess in the video below.
2. This cat likes to be in the game itself.
One sleepy cat decided to find a quiet place for a nap, and he chose the inside of an arcade claw machine. He blends in well, and despite obnoxious game players, this cat's game is to keep napping. Watch how well the cat ignores the man playing the game in this clip.
3. This kitten is definitely a gamer.
This adorable kitten is having a great time immersing himself in Minecraft. He follows the pathways on the screen with precision. All he needs to learn is how to operate a controller, and he will be good to go. Check out this kitten's gaming skills in this clip.
4. For some cats, "game" is code for "lazy."
This cat has it all: a comfy spot to sit and a homemade whack-a-mole game. However, he doesn't seem to be exerting a lot of effort to win this round. In this case, relaxing may be the rule of the day. Watch this lazy cat "play" his game in the following video.
5. All hail Cat, Master of the Shell Game!
Check out this cat who rarely loses a shell game. His amazing paw-eye coordination and his intense focus have made him a shell game champion. It doesn't hurt that the cat gets a tasty treat every time he wins a game. Watch and envy this cat's amazing skills in the video below.
6. This cat doesn't like the game, so he changes the rules.
Simba the cat thinks that regular chess is boring, so in this clip he decides to change the game up. His methods are definitely unique, but in the end, he wins. Check out the cute way Simba destroys this game in the following clip.
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