Meet the St Bernard that holds the record for the longest tongue +5 incredible videos

For many years, the Saint Bernard breed has been associated with the Swiss Alps and rescue efforts. Think of the Saint Bernard with the small flask of brandy around his neck bounding over the mountains to save hikers and travelers in danger; while the rescue parts happened, the jug of brandy was a myth. Today, the Saint Bernard is prized for its inquisitive and playful nature, friendly, intelligent gaze, and large stature.
These videos feature Saint Bernards in surprising ways, starting with a video about the dog with the world's longest tongue. Check out these clips, and learn more about this beautiful breed.
1. Mochi is a world-record holder in more ways than one.
Mochi, a Saint Bernard from South Dakota, was recently awarded the title of Official World's Longest Tongue. Her tongue measured from the tip to her nose (the part that hangs out of her mouth) is 7.inches in length. Mochi is a winner in another significant way, however. Her first owners abused her, hence her tongue hanging out of her mouth due to the paralysis she suffered. Now she has a new home with a loving family who will make sure that Mochi wants for nothing the rest of her life. Watch this moving video about Mochi below.
2. This Saint Bernard will make a great farm dog.
Little Frances, a deaf puppy, loves her new life on the farm. She especially enjoys spending time with the many goats and kids around her. Watch this adorable video below and see how Frances is already starting to hone her herding skills.
3. Some Saint Bernards can be stubborn.
Watch this video as Emma, who is happily sunning her self on the deck, refuses outright to come inside when her owner calls her. No matter what he says or does, Emma isn't budging. Check out her reaction when the owner calls for her in this clip.
4. The Saint Bernard is a strong breed.
The young man in the video below figured out just how powerful Saint Bernards are when one literally dragged him across the road in front of an oncoming vehicle. The strength of this breed is no joke, and hopefully, the young man learned his lesson. Check out this incredible video below.
5. Saint Bernards love to play, even with cockatoos.
Popcorn is a Saint Bernard mix puppy who has found a new friend, Cody the cockatoo. Even though the puppy is much larger than the bird, Cody stands his ground and has fun chasing Popcorn right back. Watch these two playing in the video below and have a good laugh.
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