Check out just how incredible Shiba Inus are in these 5+ videos

How incredible are Shiba Inus? It turns out that they are an amazing breed. They originated in Japan around 300 B.C. as hunting dogs but nearly went extinct by the end of World War II. Thankfully, they not only survived but thrived. Shiba Inus are the most popular dog breed in Japan, and they have gained lots of fans in the United States as well.
We're happy to share this beautiful breed with you in the following videos. Watch as the intelligent and faithful Shiba Inu proves his worth in the clips below.
1. Is it a friend or foe? This Shiba Inu isn't so sure.
Banana's hunting heritage is on full display in this video as she faces down a remote-controlled toy. She's not quite sure what this thing is racing around the floor, but she's going to try to find out anyway. Check out this video and Banana's reaction when the toy stops moving. It's too funny.
2. "Ready? One, two, three, let's wrestle!"
These three adorable Shiba Inus seem to have a secret code in place for when and where they play. The red-colored dog in the middle is the one who runs this game. Watch as these three dogs have fun playing in the video below.
3. This Shiba Inu is trying hard to understand what's going on.
This cute puppy tilts his head back and forth in the most adorable way. He looks like he's trying to understand what the camera in front of him is all about. It's for making videos of you, sweetie. Check out this curious Shiba Inu in the video below.
4. Here's a Shiba Inu in need of a jailbreak.
Separated by the fence in a park, this Shiba Inu reaches through the bars to gently touch the pug on the other side. As one commentator notes, it's almost like the Shiba Inu is in prison and is happy to have a visitor! Watch the video below and see what you think.
5. Stella really wants a bone.
Stella the Shiba Inu's owners keep asking her if she wants a bone. With a definitive howl, Stella answers...and answers...and answers. Does she get the bone at the end of the video? Watch and find out.
6. Who are the best trained Shibu Inus ever? These three guys!
They may be leaping and bouncing all over the room as their owner prepares their meal, but once the food arrives, these three Shiba Inus wait attentively for the command to eat. Their training shines through in this sweet video.
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