If you don't think Frenchies are cute maybe these 5+ videos will convince you otherwise

French Bulldogs are total charmers. From their adorable faces to their "bat ears" to their affectionate, loyal character, Frenchies are a popular breed the world over. Are you not convinced? Check out these videos, and you'll soon be singing a different tune.
Whether they are napping or swimming or just being their incredibly sweet selves, the Frenchies in these clips will steal your heart in no time at all. Check out these clips and see for yourself.
1. Nothing gets between a Frenchie and his favorite toy.
Some dogs have favorite toys that they carry around with them or guard with their lives. For this Frenchie, a banana toy means so much that he rushes a little too quickly down the stairs to get to it. Watch out there, buddy! Check out this Frenchie's smooth recovery and reunification with his toy.
2. Sleep tight, little Frenchie.
How adorable is this dog? Albus has a built-in bed inside this small drawer, and it's almost too cute to watch. But you should do so, anyway. Check out this cutie cat and enjoy this clip.
3. If at first you don't succeed, try, try again.
This sweet pupper tries his best to catch the tasty treats thrown to him, but he fails repeatedly. This guy won't be playing for the Yankees anytime soon. Does he eventually catch a treat? Watch the video and find out.
4. This Frenchie's tears are almost too much to bear.
Benwan is in some trouble in this clip because he had an accident in the house. His owner chastises him, and he tears up because of it. Don't worry, Benwan. You're too cute not to forgive. Watch his tearful performance in the video below.
5. Here's a Frenchie who is an expert swimmer anywhere.
Whether he is in the water or out, GusGus loves to swim. In this clip, he keeps doggie paddling even when he is lifted out of the pool. Keep swimming, little GusGus. Check out this dog's swimming moves in the following clip.
6. There's nothing cuter than Frenchie puppies.
Sound the alert for cuteness overload. This clip features two Frenchie puppies who are so small and cuddly you just want to pick them up and hug them. Watch this video as it will put a smile on your face.
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