5+ adorable cats that just can't get enough of bath time

Many cats despise water, throwing fits when they get wet or given baths. But there is a select group of felines that actually enjoy being in and around water. They may be a small group, but they are hilarious when their fondness for water is caught on video.
These cats love being in water, and these videos prove it. So grab your cat, your rubber ducky, and enjoy these clips.
1. This cat is all about luxury.
Here is one cat who knows how to go all out for bath time. With a rubber ducky, matching cap, and a glass of red wine, this kitty is living the catnip high life. Watch this cat enjoy her bath.
2. If no tub is available, just use the sink.
This creative feline has found a bathtub that fits him perfectly --- the bathroom sink. It's a personal spa of sorts for this beautiful cat who just laps up the water as it comes out of the sink. Check out how cute this guy is in the following video.
3. Bathtime is always a fun time for this cat.
Meet Enix, a beautiful tabby who loves to play with his toy in the bathtub. This cat has some sweet floating and swimming skills. Watch his moves in this cute video.
4. Give this cat the Bath Time Behavior Award.
Gnar looks like a pro taking his bath. His owner has a system in place, and throughout each step, Gnar calmly takes it all in stride. He knows he will get a treat at the end of it all. Check out this cool cat in the clip below.
5. Beat this doggie paddle, puppers.
This Maine coon cat can swim --- as in laps back and forth in the bathtub. He has a more impressive doggie paddle than most dogs out there. The cat takes a few breathers when he needs to and then he's back out there purrfecting his stroke. Enjoy this video of a cat who is happy to swim.

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