5+ videos that prove that Main Coon cats are probably the most majestic cats ever

Maine Coon cats are incredibly beautiful long-haired cats. While their looks are the first thing to grab the attention of passersby, their history is nothing to sneeze at either. Native New Englanders, Maine Coons were popular as far back as the early 19th century where they were often employed as ship cats, farm cats, and champion mousers.
These days most Maine Coon cats are kept as domesticated cats whose fur is the envy of many another feline species. Let's celebrate this wonderful breed with the following clips.
1. Meet the most patient Maine Coon cat in the world.
This cat tolerates what very few others can: being dressed in costume. He waits patiently as his owner carefully arranges a scarf around him, and he barely bats a whisker when the sunglasses are placed on his head. The result is one cool cat. Watch this amazingly patient guy in the video below.
2. Titles mean nothing to this long cat.
Omar is a Maine Coon who has been awarded the title of World's Longest Cat. But he doesn't let the accolades go to his head. Instead, Omar is loving life and in this video, he is all things cat. Check out Omar on the trampoline in the following clip.
3. This cat is picture perfect in the snow.
As a wet snow starts to fall softly around her, this Maine Coon sits stylishly outside enjoying the whole process. With a fashionable hat on her head, this feline could turn heads on any catwalk. Enjoy her beauty in this clip.
4. The snowier, the better for this Maine Coon cat.
Nala, a Maine Coon mix, loves nothing better than winter. That's when she gets to play her favorite game: batting small snowballs out of there air. Watch this video and see how talented she is at taking those snowballs out.
5. This Maine Coon talks with his tail.
Watch this interesting video where this cat's owner explains how he can understand what his cat is saying by the cat's tail movements. There might be something to this concept, or maybe he cat want to be left alone. Check out the video and see for yourself.

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