Bath time can be a nightmare for cats and there are no exceptions for these 5+ cats

If you are a cat owner and you've ever tried to give your feline friend a bath, you know how agonizing and tortuous that process can be. Most cats hate water especially if they are being dumped into it. Bath time for many cats often results in a form of bathroom remodeling, and not the good kind.
The following videos share how a few cats reacted to bath time, both planned baths and unexpected ones. Does your cat hate baths as much as these felines do? Watch and see.
1. Curiosity made this cat wet.
At various points throughout this video, you will find yourself saying, "Don't do it, Zoe," and for a good reason. Adorable Zoe the cat is fascinated by her owners' new bathtub and, like any cat worth her salt, has to check it out. Only Zoe gets a little too close to the edge and pays the price. Watch and see what happens to this cute kitten.
2. This cat has made a huge mistake.
In this video, a cat is balancing precariously on the edge of a tub trying to figure out a way to move. He ultimately decides to take the plunge...and immediately regrets his choice. Check out what happens to this cat in the clip below.
3. Watch your back, cat.
Best friends Kai the dog and Shadow the cat are fascinated by a new wind-up toy that is paddling its way through the water in the tub. Neither pet is quite sure what to make of the toy, so Kai volunteers Shadow to take a closer look. Watch for the big splash in this cute video.
4. This cat shares his feelings about baths out loud.
This poor kitty is letting it be known to everyone in his immediate vicinity that he is not a fan of baths and he resents being subjected to one. Watch and listen as this cat speaks his displeasure with his current situation.
5. These owners need some lessons on cat baths.
Little Bailey the kitten has his first flea bath in this clip, and he is not happy about it. His owners have their hands full trying to keep him in the tub. Once they get him in the bath, all bets are off. Watch to see if Bailey survives his cleaning.

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