If you have yet to see just how amazing Dobermans are, give these 5+ videos a watch

Doberman pinscher dogs were bred in 19th century Germany as guard dogs. Their athletic build and keen intelligence have made them a popular working dog for years. The doberman has been used as a police dog and a military dog, and the breed is well known for its skill in canine agility sports. They also make wonderful companions and watchdogs for families.
That doesn't mean dobermans don't have amazing talents outside those skills. Watch these videos below to see what these wonderful dogs are truly capable of accomplishing!
1. The doberman who shares a lot, cares a lot.
In the first few moments of this video, you might think the three chickens moving in on this doberman's food bowl were in some real trouble. It turns out, though, that his doberman is willing to share his food with his feathered friends, for a bit of a price. They have to earn the food while he has a little fun at their expense. Watch this interesting interaction in the video below.
2. Here's a doberman who knows what relaxation is all about.
Bella the doberman is a pro at relaxing in the pool. This pup has it down, complete with float and peace of mind. All this dog needs is a drink with an umbrella in it. Check out Bella's pool vacation in this video.
3. Dobermans can master the art of looking guilty.
In this clip, this beautiful doberman has to fess up to what he has done. The dog's owner found a completely empty jar of peanut butter, and when she confronted the doberman, the dog sat on the couch, clearly guilty of the act. Watch this dog plead his case in the following clip.
4. Check out this doberman's incredible balancing skills.
I'nca the doberman is capable of balancing multiple cookies on top of her head. But she also can hold some in her mouth at the same time. What is more impressive: her ability to balance the cookies or her ability to do so and not eat any of them? Watch this dog's skills in the video below.
5. Dobermans can be sweet and sensitive pups.
Get ready for cuteness overload in this video. While a few ducklings get their bath in a tub, this doberman joins them. He is so gentle with them, it's almost too adorable to watch. But check it out anyway, because we all need more cuteness in our lives.

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