Rottweilers aren't always about business. Check out their fun-loving side in these 6+ videos

Rottweilers are an important working breed that has long assisted people throughout the centuries. This breed has been used to pull carts, to drive cattle to market, and to be police dogs. Rotties are also well known for their watchdog abilities and their loyalty to their families.
But rottweilers are not all work and no play. They have a fun-loving side to their nature, and these videos prove it. Watch as these rotties have a good time in the clips below.
1. A young girl and a singing rottweiler make for a great video.
In this adorable clip, a young girl sings "Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star" and her beloved rottweiler sings right along with her. Watch this loving duo perform this classic in the video below.
2. Rottweilers make incredible friends, especially with kangaroos.
Yes, you are really seeing this friendship at work. Trotter the rottweiler and Roo the kangaroo are best buddies, and the way they play and interact in this clip proves it. Watch the wonders of friendship in the following video.
3. Out of the way! Rottweiler who loves showers coming through.
Sweet Lena the rottie has a favorite place in her house that she loves to go: the shower. Check out this incredibly cute video of Lena hopping in the tub and having a grand old time.
4. Did we mention that rottweilers make loyal friends?
In this video, Nixon the rottweiler meets Ruby the wombat for the first time. Nixon is a little confused and unsure at first --- what is this strange little creature? --- but by the end of the clip, his tail is wagging and he's ready to play with his new buddy. Check out the first steps of this relationship in the video below.
5. It's this rottweiler's favorite meal of the day.
With a little help from a friend, Minnie the rottweiler enjoys a wholesome breakfast before beginning her day of adventures. Check out this funny video of the delightful Minnie at breakfast.
6. Well, it can't all be fun and games, right?
Even when he's having fun, Jazzy the rottweiler is still on the clock. IN this video, she decides to step in and slow down her small charge, young Hank, for driving too fast around the cul-de-sac. Give him a ticket, Jazzy! Watch this funny video below.

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