5+ videos of dogs with their owners that'll be the greatest thing you've seen all day

One of the most beautiful aspects of owning a dog is the bond that grows between you both. Sometimes that bond develops in somewhat surprising and funny ways and displays itself when you least expect it. That's the story behind these videos of owners and dogs celebrating their love for each other in unique circumstances.
So grab your pup and a cup of coffee, sit back, and enjoy these videos. Celebrate the wonderful relationship that happens when you own a dog.
1. No dog left behind.
This cute dog's owner is going on vacation, and his best canine friend has to stay at home. But this dog is having none of that, and she does her best to communicate her displeasure to her owner by not letting go of his pants. Check out how this dog tries to keep her owner from leaving.
2. This dog wants to be as fashionable as possible.
While shopping with his owner, this golden retriever picks out a purple purse and won't put it down. The dog is gently insistent about his choice and even gets in line behind another customer. Watch this adorable dog make his argument for this purse in the following video.
3. There is such a thing as too many cuddles.
This sweet cavalier loves cuddling in her owner's arms, but she still wants some personal space. Every time that her owner moves in closer to her, she turns her head away. Watch this back-and-forth between man and dog in the video below.
4. This dog is calling for the beach.
In this clip, this dog owner is taking his faithful hound to the beach. As soon as the dog realizes where he is going, he makes it clear that he can't wait to get there. Watch this cute video and enjoy this dog's enthusiasm for his favorite place in the world.
5. This dog is all about hugs.
Lovely Louie the golden retriever is an expert in lots of things, but he is a master of hugs. Watching Lou work his therapeutical magic on video should brighten up your day. Watch the hugs, then share the love.
6. Check out these patriotic pups!
Frightened by the Independence Day fireworks, these dogs' fears are soothed thanks to their owner's version of "America the Beautiful." Check out how this man uses this song to help his dog's feel better in the video below.

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