If you like fluffy dogs, then these 5+ videos featuring fluffy dogs will be right up your alley

Some of the best dogs are the furriest and fluffiest ones, the dogs you can throw your arms around and get lost in their coats. These dogs come in all shapes and sizes, and they all tend to have two common traits: a significant amount of patience and chill.
These videos feature fluffy dogs who are doing their thing, being the happiest, fluffiest dogs possible. Check out these furry friends and the adventures in the clips below.
1. Here is a fluffy dog who is the model of patience.
Coco the fluffy dog is patient beyond belief in this video. Her little friend, Bella, adores her and shows it in all the ways that a young child would, primarily by using Coco as a ladder. But through it all, Coco abides and even licks Bella's face. What a wonderful dog! Watch how great this dog is in the following video.
2. This fluffy pup loves to go cruising.
Here is a fluffy dog who loves to hit the road shotgun-style. With his own leather seat, this dog is wholly focused on the road ahead. Check out how seriously he takes driving in his car seat in this cute video.
3. Leave your mark with fluffy style.
This little fluffy pup has a unique way of leaving his mark around the neighborhood. He actually walks on his front paws and sticks his fluffy hind end into the air. You have to watch this video to believe it.
4. The young girl is the heroine, but the fluffy puppies are awesome too.
Ten-year-old Lilly is battling a rare form of cancer, and the charity group Pile of Puppies arrived at her house to cheer her up with some puppy power. Lilly is the champ here, but her team of puppies underscores how much healing strength there is in the human-canine relationship. Watch this moving video and have some tissues handy.
5. This fluffy pup needs some attention.
In this clip, a cute fluffy dog is trying to get his owner's attention. He decides to scratch the young man's ear repeatedly, and when that doesn't work, he resorts to begging. Check out how cute this dog is in the video below.
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