These 6+ dogs are just too cool for school. Check out these videos and see for yourself

Remember your younger years when you would do anything to be cool? Well, the dogs in these videos have never had that problem. These canines ooze coolness wherever they go be it the playground, the street, the pool, or even at home. Being cool is a state of mind, and these dogs are the masters at it.
How cool is your dog at home or out and about? Watch these cool dogs in these videos and see how your pup compares.
1. "Even the mirror loves me."
This retriever is rocking coolness in her shades and scarf, and that mirror is telling her so. It's a tough life staring at your self in the mirror, but some dog has to do it. Watch this pup achieve coolness in the video below.
2. This dog looks cool even when he's swinging.
Adorable Winston is just chilling on the swing with a pair of shades on, looking like he was born for this moment. Check out how calm, cool, and cute Winston is as he swings back and forth in the following clip.
3. Ziggy Trixx is the coolest cat, uh, dog in town, paws down.
How cool is a Staffordshire terrier who can skateboard, jump high in the air, and perform all sorts of tricks? That would be exceptionally cool, which is just how Ziggy Trixx is defined. This dog is fantastic, so check out his video and all of his sweet stunts.
4. This dog is cool and trendy.
Buddy has an amazing capacity for balancing fidget spinners on all sorts of things, like his nose and a ball and his head. Oh yeah, and that's all happening at the same time. Buddy has every teenager out there beat when it comes to cool fidget spinners. Watch this talented dog in the clip below.
5. "Somebody has to be the adult around here."
Clark the golden retriever considers himself much more grown up than his sister, Pippa. In this video, Pippa rolls around on the floor chewing on a toy. In the background, Clark lies on the couch acting as if playing with toys is no longer cool and is beneath him. Will anything break Clark's concentration? Watch the clip and find out.
6. Here is the slowest, coolest doggy paddle in the world.
This golden retriever is being cool, both literally and figuratively, by chilling in the pool with sunglasses on and ever so leisurely doggy paddling. He even ducks out of the way of a toy ball thrown to him. There's no time for games and only time to chill. Watch this cute, cool dog swim in this video.

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