You haven't seen adorable until you check out these 5+ videos featuring golden retriever puppies

All breeds of puppies are cute and worthy of admiration, but there is something special about golden retriever puppies. Their fluffy coats, their friendliness, their enthusiasm for life even from an early age are all qualities that we find beautiful about these dogs.
There's no better way to brighten your day than to watch these videos of golden retriever puppies being the wonderful free spirits that they are. Check out these clips and smile away.
1. This puppy has the cat by the tail.
Little Bear has a favorite toy: a giant stuffed Siberian tiger who is longer and bigger than him. So how does he bring his favorite toy with him around the house and down the stairs? Why, by the tail, of course. Check out cute Bear and his favorite toy in the video below.
2. If this video doesn't make you want to go get a golden, nothing will.
Louie is living proof of how incredibly and almost unbearably adorable golden retriever puppies can be. From trying to hop up large stairs to racing around the house with his leash on, this dog is a great representative of his breed. Watch these clips of Louie in all sorts of cute situations when he was a little pup in the following video.
3. The trick to calming a golden puppy down is a massage.
Georgie the golden is a typical puppy, tearing through life at breakneck speed --- except when he gets a massage. Then everything comes to a halt when his owner begins to massage his head and ears. Who wouldn't enjoy that kind of attention? Check out Georgie's relaxing spa day in the following clip.
4. All this puppy wants is just one sock.
Pork Chop the puppy wants a toy to play with, and the toy of his choice is a sock lying on a nearby couch. He knows he shouldn't grab it, so he throws a couple head fakes in there before falling on the ground in a sulk. Does Pork Chop get his sock? Watch the video and see.
5. Dig in, little pupper!
Puppies love their treats, and this particular golden really goes to town chowing down on a piece of watermelon. He impressively finishes this slice at a record pace. Watch this little golden break records in the following clip.
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