5+ cats that prove anytime is playtime

Cats understand the value of play. As kittens, they learn to interact with each other and to practice their hunting skills through various forms of fun and play. Even as they get older, some cats retain that sense of the importance connected with playtime. Older cats might not run, sneak attack, or wrestle around as much as younger cats, but their love for play is still in their hearts.
From kittens to older felines, the cats in these videos enjoy playing and living in the moment. Do your cats splay this way? Watch these clips and see if they compare.
1. This video has over four minutes of pure feline fun.
What's better than three kittens wrestling and play-fighting? When they play on a small toy bed, of course! There's over four minutes of cuteness overload in this video, so sit back, enjoy, and smile.
2. The cats who play together, stay together.
These sweet cats gently play wrestle with each other for a few moments, almost in a "patty-cake" style, until one decides it's time to go for the win. Check out how these cute cats play in the video below.
3. If you don't have toys, just use the dog in the house for fun.
This fluffy cat is bored and decides that the dog's ears are a perfect toy to play with. Will the sleeping dog wake up, and what will the cat do? Watch the video and find out.
4. Here's a video for the independent cats out there.
The cat in this clip doesn't need a friend play with: he's got his computer. While he stretches out his body, the cat exercises his mind by playing a game especially designed for felines. Check out this brilliant cat in the video below.
5. Check out this musical cat who plays for fun.
Watch this video about a science experiment that showcased how one cat's fun became music. Using a laser on electronic keyboard keys, Merek Baczynski teaches this cat how to "play" the piano. You have to see it to believe it.

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