5+ cats who make chasing insects their day job

Some cats ignore bugs as not worth their time while other felines pride themselves on being excellent insect hunters. There are a few cats who are so dedicated to their "jobs" that they will do whatever it takes to get that bug. The cats in the videos below are no exception.
Does your cat notice bugs? Does she chase, kill, or eat them, or ignore them entirely? The cats in these clips are all about chasing these insects, so have your cat watch too --- she could pick up some pointers.
1. What is this thing and why is it punching me?
Axle the tabby cat is intrigued and fascinated by a preying mantis on his back patio. Although he doesn't seem interested in killing the bug, Axle is curious as to what this weird looking insect is and why it smacks him in the face. Check out this interesting interaction in the video below.
2. "I'm just playing with you, centipede."
The centipede in this video survived and was placed outside after the video ended. but the few minutes prior to that escape must have been horrifying. The bug served as entertainment for a black-and-white cat who had quite a bit of fun tossing the bug around the living room floor. The stare-down between the two creatures is classic. Check out how the centipede survives in this clip.
3. This cat is working his way up to being an ace exterminator.
Graduating from centipedes to ants, our black-and-white insect-hunting feline is now on the lookout for the ants invading his home. Check out how he "sweeps" the floor clean in this clip.
4. Can't reach a bug on the wall? Just use a cat extender.
A bug on the wall is out of this man's reach, so he uses his cat to make up the distance. Watch as he carries his cat around the room in an attempt to get the flying insect.
5. The insect hunter is back at it again.
Our buddy returns, only this time his foe is a sow bug. Check out how he spins, slaps, and flips this bug over and across the floor in the video below.
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