Ever see a ragdoll cat in action? Check out these 5+ videos

The ragdoll cat is a unique breed known for its long-haired, furry, silky coat and easy-going temperament. Ragdoll cats are so affectionate that they often follow their owners around just to be in their company. They enjoy being handled and carried, and they get along well with other household pets. In short, the ragdoll is a practically perfect cat.
These videos feature the best qualities of the ragdoll cat. Enjoy watching this beautiful, loving breed having fun being feline.
1. "You missed a spot."
Yoda the ragdoll shed so much fur that his owner decided to use the vacuum on him --- and the cat loved it! Now, vacuuming Yoda is a regular event, and this ragdoll enjoys every minute of it. Check out this cute video below.
2. These cats are along for the ride.
Flame and Gandalf are having a great time in this video. They are riding around on a robot vacuum and delivering high-fives to their owner. Watch this adorable video; it will bring a smile to your face.
3. Round and round we go...
Esther the ragdoll loves to be around her family, but one of her favorite activities is spinning around on the back of an office chair. This never gets old for Esther, and this video proves it. Watch her have fun in the following clip.
4. Today I learned that ragdoll cats are excellent sliders.
These two ragdoll cats combined with a laminate floor make for an incredibly cute video. I'm not sure what is funnier --- the cats sliding across the floor or the one cat catching the other. Watch the video and see what you think.
5. Curiosity really throws this ragdoll for a loop.
Timo the ragdoll has a new Litter-Robot, but he's not sure what to make of it. Watch as he slowly gets accustomed to his new digs in the cute video below.

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