These 5+ siamese cats prove that you're better off owning a cat

All cats are wonderful creatures, but Siamese cats are a breed that stands out from the rest. Having originated in Thailand (formerly Siam), these cats became popular pets in Europe and America. Siamese cats are well-known for their intelligence, sociability, and playfulness, and are marked by their distinct colorations and blue eyes.
The Siamese cats in the videos below are cunning, crafty, cute, and clever. That means you don't want to miss these clips featuring this amazing breed.
1. "Open, sesame."
Radha the Siamese is one smart feline. She has figured out how to leap up, grab the door handle, and pull it down to open the door. Watch her incredible talent and smarts at work in the video below.
2. You have to say the magic word.
Nala the Siamese can't be bothered to respond to her name when her owner calls her. She's too comfy lying atop of the sofa. But if you say a certain magic word, you're guaranteed to get her attention. Check out what rouses Nala from her slumber in the following clip.
3. These Siamese cats cry during their owner's shower.
Every time this cat owner takes a shower, her Siamese cats head to the bathroom and meow and cry and scratch at the shower doors. Do they think their owner is in trouble? Do they just want to be near her at all times? Watch this video and see what you think.
4. The Three Musketeers ride again.
Here's a Siamese kitten who has two best friends --- two large best friends. She loves to wrestle and play with her family's Great Danes. Check out how much fun these three have together and how gently these giant dogs treat this little cat.
5. Up, up, and away!
This Siamese cat has a favorite toy that she carries around the house: helium balloon. The cat grabs the balloon string in her mouth and the balloon follows her on her travels. Check out this sweet video, and see what the cat does when she loses the balloon.
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