5+ adorable dogs that just want to cuddle all day every day 

Many dogs love close contact, be it with other dogs, pets in the household, or with their owners. For these canines, that closeness strengthens the bond they have with their person or animal friend, decreases stress levels, and releases pheromones that both cuddling participants can enjoy.
The sweet dogs in these videos are loving souls who want nothing more than to be with their loved one. Watch these clips, but be sure to have your dog nearby to share a hug.
1. "Please keep loving me."
Louie the golden retriever is in heaven: he is snuggled up in bed with his owner and she is petting him as he dozes off to sleep. But once she stops, he wakes right up to tell her that her job isn't done yet. Watch this adorable video below.
2. Cuddles, sun, and a best friend equals a perfect day.
This chocolate Labrador retriever is relaxing in the sun while curled up with his owner. The love between these two is evident from the way the dog wraps his paw around the owner's shoulder as the man gently strokes the dog's neck and back. Watch an example of true love in the following clip.
3. This dog love to sleep in his owner's lap.
In this video, a gorgeous golden retriever is falling asleep while sitting in his owner's lap. Watch as his eyes start to close as his owner pets his head and back in this cute video.
4. This video is too adorable to miss.
Helios the boxer is snuggled up on the couch with a boxer puppy. His paw is wrapped around the little pup, and his face is pressed up close to him too. The little puppy is a wiggle worm, but Helios shows his patience and just continues to snuggle on. Watch this sweet video below.

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