5+ cats that don't have a clue but they're adorably cute anyway

Cats are notorious for being independent to the point of stubbornness and, sometimes, outright cluelessness. What cat owner hasn't caught their cat doing something incredibly unintelligent and then try to cover up for it by looking as if they had planned that action all along? If you've had that experience, then these cat videos are for you.
In the videos below, cats are caught in some compromising positions and they have no one to blame but themselves. Watch as these cats try to deal with the situation they've put themselves in during the following clips.
1. This cat is not ready for the next Winter Olympics.
Beautiful Allegro seems to be having a grand time out on the ice, until she can't stop her feet from slipping all over the place. Watch as this cat tries to navigate the perils of walking on ice.
2. Keep trying, little girl.
Three-month-old Pumpkin is an adorable calico who loves to play games on her owner's big screen television. Her favorite game is one where she chases a large mouse across a blue screen. Despite the fact that she has no luck catching the "mouse," Pumpkin continues to have fun. Watch this cutie play her game in the video below.
3. He was a librarian in his past life.
Skimbles the orange cat is at it again, climbing into locations he'd be better off avoiding. In this instance, he tries to fit onto a book shelf that is already overflowing with books. It's a recipe for disaster, so watch Skimbles' video to see what happens.
4. In this cat's defense, that is a brutal flip flop.
This fearless kitty cat has decided to take on a fearsome predator, a flip flop lying in the middle of the floor. But things don't go exactly as the cat planned. Watch his reaction to the shoe in the following video.
5. Watch out behind you!
This fluffy cat is so focused on kneading the shoebox on the desk that he forgets there is an end to the desk. Check out the cat's spectacular attempt to avoid a disastrous fall in this video.

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