6+ determined dogs that refuse to give up

Dogs are amazing creatures who have a capacity for perseverance that rivals that of other animals in the world. Some people might call it outright stubbornness, but we'd prefer to refer to it as persistence. In some of these videos, the dog's dedication to seeing the job through is funny and in others it is inspiring.
These videos feature dogs who are determined not to give up on their goals. Does your dog ever get so focused on a goal that he won't give it up? Watch the pups in these clips and see if your dog compares.
1. This dog will not be ignored.
It doesn't matter that there is a party going on in this pub, the dog in this video wants to play fetch. Since no one is willing to help him out, he decides to play fetch with himself. Watch this clever dog in the video below.
2. Sunny is an inspiration to us all.
Sunny is a blind dog, but he doesn't let that stop him from accomplishing his goals. In this video, Sunny has picked up a piece of driftwood and wants to bring it back with him. Check out how Sunny navigates the rocks and rough terrain to bring his prize to shore.
3. Do not get between this dog and his Cheez-Its.
Clearly, Cheez-Its are this adorable little dog's favorite snack. But woe is he who holds the box and doesn't share. Check out the dog's hilarious reactions to his owner's refusal to share the snacks in the following video.
4. This dog is bringing his buddy with him, no matter what.
A little corgi decides that he doesn't want to leave his house without his best canine friend. The other dog, however, isn't too keen to go. Watch the corgi's solution to the problem in the clip below.
5. Circles are this dog's deal.
This interesting mixed breed dog engages in play with his owner by flipping around in a circle repeatedly. He adds a funny whine to his jump which just adds to the humor of this clip. Watch this silly dog playing with his owner in the following video.
6. Stubborn is as stubborn does.
Buddy and Gunner have a dilemma: they both want the same pool toy. A standoff ensues in this video. Who will blink first? Who will get the toy? Watch this clip and find out.

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