These 5+ dogs are total masters of the frisbee. Check it out

Many dogs love to catch objects: tennis balls or toys typically top the list. But then there is the frisbee, the ultimate catch for a canine. Some dogs have adeptly mastered the skill of chasing down and catching the elusive frisbee while others just try their best. We're here to celebrate them all in this collections of cute videos.
Whether they catch or miss, these dogs impress us with their drive to move, or in some cases, their refusal to move. So grab your pup, your frisbee, and get inspired by these funny videos.
1. The camera girl gets extra points for catching this catch on video.
A seven-year-old girl was part of the action when her mom threw a frisbee up in the air and one of the family dogs caught it ---- right as he crashed into the girl. She bravely held onto the camera and took one foe the team by capturing this incredible frisbee catch. Check it out in the clip below.
2. Frisbees are much more fun with hay bales.
Brynja the German shepherd loves to chase and catch frisbees, as long as they are thrown over giant hay bales. She loves nothing better than to climb and scale these circular mounds of hay all in an effort to get that frisbee. Watch this athletic dog do her thing in the following video.
3. Okay, we're still working to get the frisbee off the ground.
This Great Dane puppy is still at level one, trying to flip the frisbee over from its location on the ground, but hey, we all have to start somewhere. Plus, it's not as easy to get a frisbee of a flat surface like that anyway. Keep trying, pup! Watch this dog attempt to get the frisbee in this clip.
4. Sometimes you win, and sometimes you lose.
Despite the outcome of this video, we're definitely giving points for effort as this little dog valiantly leaps into the air for the frisbee --- then misses and crashes into the camera. Better luck next time, buddy. Check out this amazing video below.
5. Gus speaks for all of us in this video.
There are some days when we just don't really want to try very hard at anything. Meet Gus, who understands how we feel. He had the chance to catch a frisbee, but he couldn't be bothered to move the extra couple inches necessary to make the catch. We've all been there, Gus. Watch this funny non-effort in the following clip.

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